Fun, funny and exciting. Ellie loved the beach with huge waves, Nikos was great fun and Lesley does great eggs.
Willaim, 11yrs, says “Extremely fun, the beaches are wonderful, Lesley and Nilos were awesome and the food was even better.”
Robbie, 13yrs, says “Exhilarating.”
Loren, 15yrs, says “Loved being able to take my camera to capture old Greece on film.”
Colin says “I like the days better than the nights and loved seeing all the small places in one week rather than staying in one place all week.” The food was way too much – be prepared to hide the scales when you return home. Oh boy can Lesley cook! She can make a great G&T. We would recommend this duo (Lesley and Nikos) to anyone.
Denys says “Thank you Lesley you gave me a rare week off from everthing. I came back relaxed and happy and wishing to go again.” Be prepared to take life at the boats pace and totally chill, to see old Greece that only sailing boats can get to.

The Ewart Family, August 2011