Our Menu

The sample menus below will give you a taste of the style of meals we serve when on board our yacht “La Luna”.

Choice of Cereals
Creamy fresh Greek Yoghurt and a selection of Fruit Yoghurts
Fresh Fruit Salad
Local Lefkada Honey and Fruit Preserves
Assorted Dried Fruits and Nuts
Eggs are cooked to order, your preferred way
A variety of Fresh Breads
Chilled Orange juice, Hot Fresh Coffee and Tea


A typical leisurely buffet lunch served mid afternoon may include…

Sliced Meat Platter, including locally made Lefkada Salami
Home made Tzatziki (Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip)
Saganaki (fried Greek cheese, a particular favorite of Roger’s!)
Chilled Dolmades (stuffed Vine Leaves)
Greek Village Salad with local beef tomatoes, olives and delicious feta cheese
Chick Pea, Green Bean and sweet Capsicum Salad dressed in lemon juice, cumin and olive oil
Various pickles and salad dressings
Selection of Fresh Breads and Crackers
To finish… fresh fruit and Yoghurts


For the days we serve warm dishes for lunch – the following are favorites…

Seafood and Mushroom Risottο
Chicken with Sweet Peppers bound in a Tomato and Cream Sauce served with Penne Pasta
Baked Fresh Fish with Lemon and Parsley

Salads accompany these lunches.
We offer a BBQ as an optional extra one evening during your stay aboard. We anchor in a quiet bay and take you ashore in the dinghy to a deserted beach. We cook for you over a real fire and serve…
Baked Sweet Yellow Capsicums stuffed with Feta drizzled with Olive Oil and Oregano
Pork Souvlaki mini-kebabs
Home made Marinated Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs
Local Lefkada Sausages
Mixed Salad
Potato and Egg Mayonnaise Salad flavored with mild mustard and spring onions
To finish… Baked Bananas filled with Chocolate and laced with Metaxa Brandy